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"Rademakers' beautiful tone makes you wonder whether she plays with a bow or with a magic stick"

- Joop Simons, Hardenberg Nu

"From the very first notes of the Prelude of Bach's First Cello Suite, there is no escape"

- Paul Janssen, Luister

Initially needing a pianist who could handle the challenges of Rachmaninoff, Mayke contacted Matthijs Verschoor, with whom she later on formed a cello-piano duo. Since their collaboration, they've performed all throughout Europe with trips to Africa, Scandinavia and Russia. Their playing has unanimously been acclaimed by the international press and they were awarded the Silver Medal by the Société Académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres in Paris for their dedication to French music.

Still very young Mayke was admitted to the masterclasses of André Navarra  over several summers at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena. She won the Prize for the most Promising Playing. 

Mayke studied simultaneously at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst with André Navarra (Detmold, DE) and with György Schiffer at the Conservatory in Tilburg (NL) where she passed cum laude (with honours) for her Concert Degree. Mayke continued to study with André Navarra for 2 more years at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna.

Later on, Mayke participated in the famous Lausanne masterclasses with Janos Starker and had private lessons with William Pleeth in London. 

Meanwhile, she completed the chamber music degree at the Conservatory of Utrecht cum laude (with honours).​Afterwards, having been awarded  a Fulbright Scholarship, she studied in Cincinnati. She participated in the Aspen Music Festival and was awarded an Artist Degree.

MAYKE RADEMAKERS is an internationally acclaimed and recognized cellist. She gave

concerts, radio & television performances in the major concert halls in Holland, Belgium, UK, Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Russia, Greece, Norway, Spain & USA.


She has made numerous CD-recordings including Bach’s Cello Suites, works by Brahms, Liszt, Shostakovich and Rachmaninov as well as by contemporary composers including Gubaidulina, Penderecki, Kurtag and her own improvisations on e-cello. Her new album 'Stagioni' will be released on February 9 this year.

The international press has been consistently unanimous in its praise.

"C'est une femme artiste très doué dont l'avenir est certain"

- André Navarra

"The concerts we gave together were of the highest quality. Her mastery, extraordinary musicianship and control of the instrument are very impressive"
- Kenneth Montgomery, conductor

"A terrific listening experience"
- Henry Fogel, Fanfare (US)

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